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Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Baldwin 2-4-2T Lyn

Gauge: 009


Class Profile

Class Profile: Built in the USA by Baldwin, this locomotive joined the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway fleet in 1898, working alongside the British-built 2-6-2Ts (see above). A replica is based at the rebuilt Lynton & Barnstaple Railway at Woody Bay.

Class Details

Built by: Baldwin, USA
Number built: 1
Number series: Lyn, SR 762
Service Career: 1898-1935
Region: North Devon
Purpose: Mixed traffic
Status in 2022: 1 x operational replica

Product List

9980 Undecorated works black
9981 L&BR dark green/red oxide Lyn
9982 L&BR dark green E762 Lyn
9983 SR dark green E762 Lyn
9984 Southern green E762 Lyn (1928-32)

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