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Moose on the Loose!


Good news for Class 20 fans - the rerun of our ever-popular EE Type 1s is progressing well and should arrive towards the end of the year. The first factory decorated samples have just arrived for review and they're looking good!

Eight liveries are now ready to pre-order from your local HELJAN stockist, covering the most popular BR Green and BR Blue eras plus a couple of classic depot 'specials' from the 1980s.

Please note that these are incomplete samples for checking decoration and not assembled to the standard of production models. They are subject to improvement/modification before production starts.

Featuring powerful twin motor/flywheel drive, directional LED lighting, powered roof fan, sprung buffers and couplings and much more, the production run includes both disc headcode and later centre headcode variants. Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is £639.00 or £659.00 for factory weathered editions.

O GAUGE Class 20 - 2023 BATCH

#2000 BR Green with Small Yellow Warning Panels (disc headcode)

#2001 BR Blue with Full Yellow Ends (disc headcode)

#2003 BR Tinsley Railtour Green (disc headcode)

#2004 BR Blue 20042 WEATHERED/FADED (disc headcode)

#2005 BR Green 20023 WEATHERED (disc headcode)

#2013 BR Blue with Full Yellow Ends (centre headcode)

#2016 BR Thornaby Blue/Red/White (centre headcode)

#2017 BR Green D8132 with Small Yellow Warning Panels (centre headcode)

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