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Update - O Gauge replacement gears

Customers awaiting replacement gears for older HELJAN O gauge diesel locomotives can now obtain two different packs of gears from our spares distributor, Gaugemaster.

Pack #19853581 covers centre head code Class 37/0s (V2) and Class 37/4s, plus the rerun of split head code Class 37/0s produced in 2020, new Class 47s (V2/V3) and Class 55s

Pack #19853581 covers Class 33 (V2/V3) locomotives, but only from the most recent production run. See below for more information on gears for older production runs.

We are aware that some customers are awaiting packs of replacement gears for older models produced in 2010-12. A pack for split headcode Class 37 (V1, original production run), Class 47 (V1, original production run), Class 35 (original production run) and Class 55 (original production run) will be shipped in by air as soon as possible. These will be added to the HELJAN spares section of the Gaugemaster website shortly. Please look out for further updates here and on the HELJAN Facebook page.

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