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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where can I buy HELJAN British outline models? 

A: HELJAN British outline models are available at all major model railway retailers and many smaller outlets across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Any model railway or hobby shop with Gaugemaster trade account can also obtain HELJAN products via the Gaugemaster distribution network. 


Q: Are HELJAN models compatible with other brands? 

A: HELJAN British outline OO gauge and narrow gauge models are fully compatible with other mainstream brands such as Peco, Hornby and Bachmann. They are designed to widely accepted industry standards for track gauge, wheel standards, couplers and Digital Command Control (DCC) compatibility. 

Our O gauge models are designed to work seamlessly with products from other mainstream suppliers with regard to track standards, couplers and DCC compatibility. 


Q: Are HELJAN models DCC Ready? 

A: All HELJAN British outline OO gauge and narrow gauge models are designed for simple ‘plug-and-play’ conversion to DCC operation. Many are also designed for straightforward conversion to DCC sound. 

  • OO9 narrow gauge models have 6-pin decoder interfaces. 

  • Depending on the product age or dimensions, OO gauge models have 8-pin, 21-pin or Next18 decoder interfaces. Our UK catalogue and box end labels confirm which models have which interface. 

  • Depending on product age or design, our O gauge models either have a 21-pin DCC decoder interface (smaller locos and railcars) or require the replacement of the factory-fitted printed circuit board (PCB) with a high-power decoder such as the ESU LokSound XL. From 2021, new O gauge locomotives will start to be introduced with ‘plug-and-play’ DCC interfaces, although some older models will continue to have old style chassis. 


Q: What is the warranty period on HELJAN models?  

A: All HELJAN models have a standard warranty period of six months from the date of purchase. Should you experience any problems with your model, please return it to the retailer from which it was purchased for exchange or a refund. 


Q: Can I buy spares or replacement parts for HELJAN UK models? 

A: Yes. We produce spare parts for all our model products, although we cannot guarantee that all parts will be available for every product at all times. Please see the dedicated SPARES page on this website for details of how to obtain official replacement parts from Gaugemaster. 


Q: I run a model shop and would like to open a HELJAN trade account. How can I do this?    

A: There are two ways for retailers to obtain HELJAN models for sale to the public.
1) Gaugemaster is the official UK distributor for HELJAN products. If you have a Gaugemaster trade account, please contact their sales team for more information. 

2) We can also supply models to the trade direct from our Danish warehouse, although since January 1st, 2021 orders are subject to additional administration and shipping costs due to the UK’s departure from the European Union. Please email for more information. 


Q: How can I find out when new HELJAN model products are due for release?  

A: Please visit the ‘Latest News’ page on this website and ‘Like’ our HELJAN A/S Facebook page for regular updates on new releases, plus photos, videos and more. 


Q: Where can I buy HELJAN Danish HO scale models?   

A: These products are not currently available in the UK, although they can be obtained via our Danish website or from major model railway retailers in Denmark and Germany.

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