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You asked for it, so we’re delivering it. In recent years we’ve received more requests for an ‘O’ gauge Class 24 than almost anything else. So we’ve gone ‘all out’ to bring you not just a Class 24/0, but also the later Class 24/1s AND Scottish Region ‘24/1s’ with twin headlights.

The ‘skinhead’ Class 24/0s will arrive first, in six authentic BR era liveries, with five Class 24/1s to follow in 2025. Look out for the first engineering prototypes on display at the Warley NEC show on November 25/26 2023.

These outstanding new models feature all-new body toolings with authentic variations between the different sub-types, bespoke bogie and underframe parts, detailed cab interiors and much more! Variations include bodies with original skirts or skirts removed, Scottish Region tablet catcher equipment, different roof panel and fuel/water tank arrangements, original or revised sandboxes and twin car style headlights fitted to Class 24/1s based at Inverness in the 1970s (see below).

Other features include authentic drilled out wheels and bogie equalising beams, etched grilles, separately fitted handrails and pipe runs, separate headcode discs, etched metal step covers and boiler grille cover plates.

These ‘new generation’ models also feature a plug-and-play DCC decoder interface (ESU Loksound XL decoder required), powered roof fan, six separately switchable light functions and our renowned heavy duty twin motor/flywheel chassis.

Premium Features – Delivered As Standard

· High Quality Design & Construction

· Heavy Duty Twin Motor/Flywheel - All-Wheel Drive

· Powered Roof Fan

· Plug-and-Play DCC Interface (ESU Loksound XL)

· Disc and Headcode Panel Variants

· Class 24/0 and 24/1 Variants for LMR, NER and ScR

· Inverness Twin Headlight '24/1' Option

· Prototypical Drilled-Out Wheels

· Fine Bogie Detail

· Etched Grilles

· Separately Switchable Lighting Features

· Exquisite Cab Interior Detail

· Versions with original body skirt & skirts removed

· Authentic roof detail variations

· Two Sandbox Designs

· Sprung Buffers

· Etched Metal Boiler Step/Grille Covers

· Cab Lights

· Separately Fitted Handrails

· Fuel/Water Tanks appropriate to period/livery

· Separate Open/Folded Headcode Discs (24/0 Only)

· Optional Three-Piece Miniature Snowploughs

HELJAN Class 24/0 Models

2450: BR Green Unnumbered

2451: BR Green Unnumbered (Small Yellow Panels)

2452: BR Two-Tone Green Unnumbered (Small Yellow Panels)

2453: BR Blue Unnumbered (Full Yellow Ends)

2454: BR Green 24090 (Full Yellow Ends) WEATHERED

2455: BR Railway Technical Centre 97201 Experiment

Class 24/1 Models

2470: BR Green Unnumbered

2471: BR Green Unnumbered NER (Small Yellow Panels)

2472: BR Green Unnumbered ScR (Small Yellow Panels)

2473: BR Blue Unnumbered LMR (Full Yellow Ends)

2474: BR Blue Unnumbered ScR (Full Yellow Ends) TWIN HEADLIGHTS

SRP £649.00 (SRP £669.00 WEATHERED)

The first engineering prototype samples have just arrived for review and will be on display at the Warley NEC show on November 25/26. First releases are planned for late-2024 and early-2025. Look out for further updates soon. Production of all versions will be strictly limited – contact your regular HELJAN stockist today to secure yours. Visit to find out more!



Nov 25, 2023

Well done Heljan.

the 0 gauge 24s will be very very popular especially the Scottish version with headlights just as I remember them.

best news for 2024/25.

keep up the good work.


Brian Litherland
Brian Litherland
Nov 25, 2023

Looks like a fantastic addition to the Heljan range and this will be a very popular model with railway enthusiasts. Will definitely be getting a skinhead 24. Well done Heljan for producing this. Now can we have a NB Class 22 diesel hyrdraulic in the future please.

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