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Alright GUV?

New run of O gauge Mk1 General Utility Vans (GUVs) in preparation for 2022 release to complement our new Mk1 CCT van.

Our superb O gauge Mk1 General Utility Van (GUV) continues to be a popular item with the most recent batch selling through very quickly. With the most sought after liveries now completely sold out, the good news is that more are on the way in 2022.

This new batch will complement the first releases of our forthcoming Mk1 Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) 4w van, allowing 7mm scale modellers to assemble authentic BR era parcels, newspaper and mail trains. We're also working on another batch of Mk1 Brake Gangwayed (BG) vehicles to complement the GUVs, CCTs and our Mk1 and Mk2 coaches. Details of the new BGs will be unveiled shortly.

In response to customer demand, we're producing more variations on the BR Blue GUV theme, including our first with 'Newspapers' branding and a second in faded and weathered BR blue (this time with a Western Region prefix), plus a colourful trio of departmental and Sector era vehicles to suit many of our current and planned locomotive releases.

Despite the widely reported increases in production and shipping costs, we have managed to hold the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the new GUVs at the same level as the last batch (£199 standard/£219 weathered). Look out for more rolling stock updates soon!

BR Mk1 GUV bogie van - 2022 releases

#4986 Satlink Western red/yellow KDB977557 (BR1 bogies)

#4987 BR Blue Mk1 GUV W86370 faded/weathered (BR1 bogies)

#4988 BR Blue 'Newspapers' Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)

#4989 Rail express systems red/grey NOX unnumbered (Commonwealth bogies)

#4990 BR Royal Mail red NJX unnumbered (BR1 bogies)

#4992 BR Blue Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)

#4993 BR Blue 'Express Parcels' Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)

#4994 BR(S) Green Mk1 GUV unnumbered (BR1 bogies)


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