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REVEALED - HELJAN OO and O Gauge Range for 2022/23!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

New HELJAN UK catalogue published on Saturday December 4th to coincide with the public debut of HELJAN-sponsored ‘Britain’s Biggest Model Railway’ in Wakefield.

The new publication contains details of all current items and new releases due in 2022/23. Highlights include the announcement of all-new Class 37/0s and Class 55 ‘Deltics’ in O gauge, a OO gauge GWR Parcels Railcar and an upgraded ‘Slim Jim’ Class 33/2 in as-built condition. Other highlights include the return of three popular O gauge wagons and upgrades to existing OO models including the Class 14 and Class 35 ‘Hymek’.

Split Headcode Class 37/0 in O gauge

HELJAN’s 2022 UK products catalogue is out now and will be available from stockists across the country from next week. Priced at just £2, it contains full details of all HELJAN products in available now or due for release in 2022/23 in OO9, OO and O gauge.

All new models announced this year, including the GWR Parcels Railcar and as-built Class 33/2 in OO gauge and Class 37/0 and Class 55 in O gauge are featured, plus details of various reruns in the pipeline, such as the OO gauge Class 07s, 17s, 25s, Class 33/1s, Class 33/2s and Waggon & Maschinenbau diesel railbus. In O gauge the 35 ton ‘B Tank’ wagons will appear again in no fewer than 15 liveries, along with the ever-popular ‘Dogfish’ and ‘Catfish’ ballast hoppers. The latter will be available in a wider range of liveries than previous releases, covering the entire career of these widely-used departmental wagons. Also returning are the useful Mk1 BG and Mk1 GUV bogie vans in a wide range of BR era liveries.

However, this year’s biggest announcements are the all-new Class 37/0 and Class 55, which are being upgraded to our latest standards with finer detail, improved body shape and details, plug-and-play DCC capability, authentic LED interior and exterior lighting functions and a much wider range of detail variations to suit the evolving demands of O gauge modellers. Tooling work on both models is almost complete with the first Class 55 sample now in the UK for review and first samples of the ‘37s’ expected in early-2022.

For the first time, the Class 37/0 will be offered in post-1970s form with cutaway bufferbeam cowlings, cast or fabricated bogies and a choice of nose end arrangements, including end doors/plated ends, HI headlights and plated headcode panels. Batch 1 will feature the much-requested split headcode variant in eight liveries (see above). A centre headcode version with a similar spectrum of detail variations is also in preparation (see below) and more details will be announced during 2022.

Centre Headcode Class 37/0 in O gauge

Marking the 40th anniversary of their retirement in January 1982, our all-new Class 55 ‘Deltic’ will focus on the final years of the class and their remarkable post-preservation main line career. Two versions are in development, featuring a number of improvements to body shape, detail and specification over previous releases plus modifications for the 1975-82 period (ETH equipment, cast bogies, plated quarterlight windows, plated or glazed headcodes, single or twin wipers) and main line operation since the 1990s (as above but with HI headlights and fabricated bogies).

JUST IN! Late condition (1976-82) Class 55 'Deltic' in O gauge - first sample

In response to customer demand, GWR Parcels Railcar No.34 has been added to our OO gauge range in three versions featuring GWR and BR liveries. This project is at the CAD stage and is expected to be a 2023 release.

See more about our superb OO GWR Railcar below.

Other OO gauge developments include a useful upgrade to our perennially popular Class 35 ‘Hymek’, which will gain LED lighting, a 21-pin DCC interface and independently switchable cab lights. The next batch of Class 14s (produced with the kind permission of Hatton‘s Model Railways) will also be upgraded with a 21-pin DCC interface and improvements to the chassis.

After a gap of several years, the slimline Class 33/2 rejoins the range with a selection of new liveries for the 1970s to 2000s period and a new ‘as-built’ version with original exhaust/silencer arrangement. Tooling of the new version is approved and complete samples are expected shortly.

And the good news doesn’t end there. Several more all-new locomotive and rolling stock projects for OO and O gauge are at various stages of development and will be announced as they move closer to completion. Look out for further updates on the HELJAN UK website and Facebook page during 2022.

Details of all the new items listed below have been circulated to HELJAN UK stockists and they are available to pre-order now.

New Items for 2022 Catalogue

OO Gauge


Delivery expected in early-2022

2917: BR blue 2997 (V2)

2918: BR blue 07011 WEATHERED (V2)

2919: BR blue 07013 (V2)

2935: BR green D2994 WEATHERED (V1)

2936: BR blue 07012 (V1)

2937: BR green D2998 (V1)

2938: British Army green 423 (V1)


1412: BR two-tone green D9505

1413: BR two-tone green D9545 WEATHERED

1414: Buckminster Quarries S&L green No.21 WEATHERED

1415: BR Maroon D9523

1416: National Coal Board pale blue D9530

1417: BP light green D9524

1420: Train Pack - BR green D9553 with 4x BR Black ‘Dogfish’ ballast hoppers


1724: BR blue D8568 (small yellow panels)

1725: BR green D8607 (small yellow panels)

1726: BR green D8599 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED

1727: BR green D8539 (full yellow ends)

1728: Railfreight ‘Red Stripe’ 17007

1729: BR blue 8538 (full yellow ends) WEATHERED


Delivery expected in early-2022

2531: BR two-tone green D5244 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED

2532: BR two-tone green D7550 (full yellow ends)

2543: BR two-tone green D5243 (small yellow panels)

2544: BR blue 25095 (cab front numbers)

2545: BR blue/grey 97251 ‘ETHEL 2’*

2546: BR blue 25904 (domino headcodes)

2547: BR blue 25301 (domino headcodes)

2548: BR two-tone green 7561 (full yellow ends)

2549: BR blue 25323 (pre-1976)

2570: BR blue 7513 (full yellow ends)


3346: BR Green D6580 (small yellow panels)

3365: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow 33118

3366: BR Blue 33117 (DCE stripes) WEATHERED

3367: BR Blue 6525

3368: BR Blue 33101 (white cab windows)

3369: Network SouthEast 33114 Ashford 150*

3370: Cambrian Trains Green 33103*

3371: BR General Grey 33108*

*Locomotives with HI headlights

NEW VERSION! Original BRCW ‘Hastings Gauge’ Type 3 (Class 33/2)

3375: BR Green D6586

3376: BR Green D6591 (small yellow panels)

3377: BR Blue D6590 (full yellow ends)

3378: BR Green D6596 (full yellow ends)

3379: BR Green D6594 WEATHERED


3325: BR General Grey 33201

3338: BR Blue 33202 (orange cantrail line/headlight)

3385: Railfreight Construction 33204

3386: BR Blue 33211 FADED/WEATHERED

3387: Railfreight Distribution 33203

3388: BR Railtour Grey/Yellow 33208 (headlight)

New Liveries/Features! BR Class 35 ‘Hymek’

3531: BR Green SYP D7041 3532: BR Green FYE D7094 WEATHERED 3533: Green SYP D7050 3534: BR Blue SYP 7052 WEATHERED/FADED 3535: Blue FYE D7058 3536: Blue FYE D7081

GWR Diesel Railcar OO

NEW VERSION! Parcels Railcar No.34

19430: GWR chocolate/cream No.34 with coat of arms (dark grey roof)

19431: BR ‘Express Parcels’ Crimson No. 34 (grey roof)

19432: BR ‘Express Parcels’ Crimson No. 34 (grey roof) WEATHERED

NEW LIVERIES: GWR Passenger Railcars

19406: GWR chocolate/cream No.23 with monogram (white roof)*

19407: BR crimson/cream W20W (grey roof) WEATHERED*

19408: GWR chocolate/cream No.22 with monogram (grey roof)*

19409: BR green with speed whiskers W26W (grey roof)*

*New liveries for 2022

NEW LIVERIES! W&M Diesel Railbus

8707: BR Green E79963 (speed whiskers)

8708: BR Green E79961 (larger yellow panels)

8709: BR Green E79964 (speed whiskers) WEATHERED

8711: BR Green E79960 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED

8712: Railway Technical Centre red/blue ‘Laboratory 20’

8713: Worth Valley red/grey/black No. 64

8714: BR Brown/Yellow Track Recording Car DB999507

New O Gauge Models for 2022/23

NEW MODEL! Class 37/0 (split headcode) with cutaway bufferbeams

3720: BR Blue*

3721: BR Large Logo Blue*

3722: BR Civil Engineers grey/yellow +

3724: BR Green 37350/D6700 (full yellow ends) +

3725: Railfreight Sector grey (unbranded) +

3726: EW&S Red/Gold unnumbered +

3727: DRS Blue (early) unnumbered +

3728: Railfreight ‘Red Stripe’ 37008 WEATHERED +

* Model with steam heating boiler + Model with HI headlight

Centre Headcode Class 37/0 liveries and numbers to be announced during 2022.


Delivery expected in early-2022

3741: BR Large Logo Blue

3745: Trainload Freight three-tone grey (unbranded)

3749: Royal Scotsman maroon

3753: Railfreight Petroleum 37418 Pectinidae

3754: BR Large Logo Blue 37426 Y Lein Fach/Vale of Rheidol

3755: BR Large Logo Blue 37404 Ben Cruachan WEATHERED

3756: Railfreight Construction 37425 Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob WEATHERED

3757: Railfreight Distribution 37413 Loch Eil Outward Bound

NEW LIVERIES! BR Class 50 (Batch 3)

Delivery expected in early-2022

4020: BR blue

4021: BR large logo blue with grey roof

4029: BR Large Logo Blue with black roof

4030: BR Large Logo Blue 50036 Victorious WEATHERED

4032: Revised Network SouthEast light blue

4034: Hanson & Hall Grey 50008 Thunderer

4037: BR Large Logo Blue 50046 Ajax (Black Roof)

4038: Network SouthEast 50032 Courageous WEATHERED

4039: Revised Network SouthEast dark blue 50033 Glorious

NEW MODEL! EE/BR Class 55 ‘Deltic’

Late BR condition 1976-82 (first sample shown above)

5520: BR Blue 55003 Meld

5521: BR Blue unnumbered

5522: BR Blue 55015 Tulyar (white cabs)

5523: BR Blue unnumbered (white cabs)

5524: BR Green 55002 King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (full yellow ends)

5525: BR Railtour Blue 55022 Royal Scots Grey

5526: BR Blue 55021 Argyll & Sutherland Highlander WEATHERED

Preserved Main Line Class 55s with HI headlight

5530: BR Green D9000 Royal Scots Grey (small yellow panel)

5531: BR Blue 55019 Royal Highland Fusilier

5532: BR Blue unnumbered (white cabs)

O Gauge Rolling Stock

NEW LIVERIES! Mk1 Brake Gangwayed (BG)

4951: BR Lined Maroon (BR1)

4959: Network Rail yellow Generator Van (B4)

4960: Railway Technical Centre (RTC) ‘Laboratory 23’ (B4)

4961: Breakdown Train Unit yellow/black

4962: Rail express systems red/grey (Commonwealth)

4963: Provincial Trans-Pennine E92058 (B4)

4964: ScotRail 92088 (B4)

4966: BR Blue/Grey M80877 WEATHERED (BR1)

4967: BR unlined Crimson E80638 (BR1)


4986: Satlink Western red/yellow KDB977557 (BR1)

4987: BR Blue W86370 WEATHERED (BR1)

4988: BR Blue ‘Newspapers’ (BR1)

4989: Rail express systems red/grey NOX (Commonwealth)

4990: Royal Mail red/yellow (BR1)

4992: BR Blue (BR1)

4993: BR ‘Express Parcels’ blue (BR1)

4994: BR(S) green (BR1)


1010: ESSO Black (early) 1011: ESSO Black (early) 1012: ESSO Black (alt livery) 1013: ESSO Black (alt livery) 1014: Regent Black 1015: Regent Black 1016: BR ‘Waste Oil’ Black 1017: BR Departmental Yellow 1018: BR Departmental Olive Green 1019: ESSO ‘Lube Traffic Only’ Black 1020: ESSO Black (unbranded) 1021: ESSO Black (unbranded) 1022: ICI Molasses Red/Grey 1023: ICI Molasses Red/Grey 1024: ICI Chemicals Grey/Orange


4354: BR Black DB983754

4355: BR Olive DB992624 WEATHERED

4356: BR Olive (late) DB983473

4357: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZEV DB992559

4358: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZEV DB992579

4359: BR Civil Engineers Yellow ZEV DB983503

4360: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZCV ‘Puffin’ DB983872

4361: BR Olive DB983860 WEATHERED

4362: BR Gulf Red DB992661 WEATHERED


4379: BR Black DB993952

4380: BR Olive (late) DB983195

4381: BR Olive (early) DB993413 WEATHERED

4382: BR Black DB992748 (NE markings)

4383: BR Gulf Red ZFV DB983217

4384: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZFV DB993016

4385: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZFV DB983210

4385: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZFV DB993331 WEATHERED

4387: BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow ZFV DB983192 (Mainline branding)

4388: Loadhaul black/orange ZFV DB993111

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