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FIRST LOOK: Decorated 'O' Gauge Class 37/0s

Factory decorated samples of our new 'O' gauge split headcode Class 37/0s break cover, showcasing improved body and bogie details and a huge range of authentic detail variations for post-1970s locomotives.

Who doesn't love a split headcode Class 37? We certainly do, and from the feedback we've received about our new 'O' gauge model we know you do too. So, it's our pleasure to share these images of the first factory decorated pre-production samples in a wide range of classic liveries.

As always, please be aware that these are pre-production samples, subject to modification/correction before production starts.

For the first time, the Class 37/0 is being offered in post-1970s form with cutaway bufferbeam cowlings, cast or fabricated bogies and a choice of nose end arrangements, including end doors/plated ends, HI headlights and plated headcode panels. Batch 1 - due out in late-2023 - will feature the much-requested split headcode variant in eight liveries (see below).

The all-new Class 37/0 has been upgraded to our latest standards with finer and crisper detail, improved grille and window details and, for the first time, a wide choice of nose end variations, cast or fabricated bogie frames, boiler-fitted and boiler-isolated versions and plug-and-play DCC capability. The models also now feature authentic LED interior and exterior lighting functions and provision for a large speaker and smoke unit to suit the evolving demands of O gauge modellers. However, the tried-and-trusted twin motor/flywheel arrangement remains to deliver the heavy duty quality and performance you have come to expect from HELJAN models. Other desirable features include a powered roof fan, sprung buffers, sprung finescale metal screw link couplings, factory-fitted bufferbeam cables/hoses, fine flexible plastic sandpipes, wire handrails, flush glazing, etched metal roof and horn grilles plus optional etched metal frost shields and three-piece miniature snowploughs.

Class 37/0 (split headcode) with cutaway bufferbeams

#3720: BR Blue*

#3721: BR Large Logo Blue*

#3722: BR Civil Engineers grey/yellow +

#3724: BR Green 37350/D6700 (full yellow ends) +

#3725: Railfreight Sector grey (unbranded) +

#3726: EW&S Red/Gold unnumbered +

#3727: DRS Blue (early) unnumbered +

#3728: Railfreight ‘Red Stripe’ 37008 WEATHERED +

* Model with steam heating boiler details + Model with HI headlight

A centre headcode version with a similar spectrum of detail variations is also in preparation for release in 2024 and more details will be announced later this year.


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