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Factory decorated O gauge Mk2 coaches herald the long-awaited start of production on these essential BR era passenger vehicles.

Despite a factory closure, a global pandemic and obstacles that we thought would never end, our new O gauge Mk2 coaches are finally battling their way towards release. A huge step forward this week is the arrival of the first set of complete factory decorated samples. As you can see, these stylish BR Inter-City coaches are really starting to look the part. However, please be aware that they are pre-production samples, subject to change and improvement before production gets underway. For example, none of the samples have their superbly decorated interiors yet - these will be shown on later samples. Various other areas for improvement have already been identified and will be addressed before the models are approved for production.

No fewer than 28 models will be produced in 14 classic liveries, covering five types of vehicle - Brake Second Open (BSO), Brake Second Open with Micro-Buffet (BSOT), Brake First Corridor (BFK), First Corridor (FK) and Tourist Second Open (TSO). For the full list, see the HELJAN 2024 catalogue or contact your favourite HELJAN stockist. Liveries will include BR Blue/Grey, Network SouthEast, ScotRail, Provincial Trans-Pennine, Regional Railways, ScotRail 'Hebridean' Green/Cream, RTC Red/Blue, West Coast Railways maroon, Network Rail Yellow and DRS Blue. In response to public demand, two FK vehicles will be produced in BR Southern Region Green and (exclusively for Tower Models) BR Lined Maroon.

Standard features include...

  • Detachable magnetic roof

  • Exquisitely detailed interiors for all versions

  • Separately fitted seats, tables and luggage racks

  • Sprung Buffers

  • Fully functional drophead buckeye couplers

  • Light Bar Ready

  • Customer-fit gangway & underframe parts to finish vehicles as vacuum-braked Mk2z or air-braked Mk2a

  • Finely detailed decoration appropriate to vehicle/livery - including authentic period window destination labels on NSE, Trans-Pennine and ScotRail vehicles.

HELJAN O Gauge BR Mk2 Models

Mk2 - 2400

Mk2 TSO BR blue/grey


Mk2 - 2401

Mk2 TSO ScotRail


Mk2 - 2402

Mk2 TSO Network SouthEast light blue


Mk2 - 2403

Mk2 TSO Network SouthEast dark blue


Mk2 - 2404

Mk2 TSO Hebridean green/cream


Mk2 - 2405

Mk2 TSO Provincial Trans-Pennine


Mk2 - 2406

Mk2 TSO Regional Railways


Mk2 - 2407

Mk2 TSO West Coast Maroon


Mk2 - 2410

Mk2 BSO BR blue/grey


Mk2 - 2411

Mk2 BSO Network SouthEast light blue


Mk2 - 2412

Mk2 BSO Network SouthEast dark blue


Mk2 - 2413

Mk2 BSO Hebridean green/cream


Mk2 - 2414

Mk2 BSO Regional Railways


Mk2 - 2415

Mk2 BSO BR blue/grey with Micro-Buffet


Mk2 - 2416

Mk2 BSO DRS blue


Mk2 - 2420

Mk2 BFK BR blue/grey


Mk2 - 2421

Mk2 BFK Network SouthEast light blue


Mk2 - 2422

Mk2 BFK Network SouthEast dark blue


Mk2 - 2423

Mk2 BFK Regional Railways


Mk2 - 2424

Mk2 BFK InterCity Executive


Mk2 - 2425

Mk2 BSO Network Rail DB977337


Mk2 - 2430

Mk2 FK BR blue/grey


Mk2 - 2431

Mk2 FK Network SouthEast light blue


Mk2 - 2432

Mk2 FK Network SouthEast dark blue


Mk2 - 2433

Mk2 FK Provincial Trans-Pennine


Mk2 - 2434

Mk2 FK ScotRail 13424


Mk2 - 2435

Mk2 FK RTC red/blue Test Car 6


Mk2 - 2436

Mk2 FK BR(S) green


Advance orders for these superb BR era vehicles are already very strong and some liveries are expected to sell out before delivery, so contact your HELJAN stockist today to secure yours!

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