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CCTs Ready for Production

It's been a busy week here at HELJAN HQ and the excitement keeps coming! Just received for review are factory decorated samples of our superb new O gauge Mk1 CCT van.

Featuring fine body detail and an exquisitely detailed underframe, these general purpose vans are suitable for any layout from the late-1950s onwards. Our models cover the entire career of the type, from original BR maroon through the BR blue era to departmental use.

Ten liveries will go into production shortly for delivery later this year. Suggested retail price (SRP) is £179.00 each.

Mk1 CCT O Gauge - Batch 1

#9400 BR Lined Maroon

#9401 BR Maroon unlined

#9402 BR Blue

#9403 BR 'Red Star' Blue M94173

#9404 BR Breakdown Train Unit Yellow/Black ADB977076

#9405 BR Departmental Olive Green ADB977019

#9406 BR Lined Maroon M94799 WEATHERED

#9407 BR 'Express Parcels' Blue W94476 WEATHERED

#9408 Tartan Arrow M94170


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