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OO Class 47s - The New Generation is Here!

The first batch of our superb new OO gauge Class 47 has been shipped from the factory and expected to arrive in the UK in February/March.

It’s many years since our old ‘OO’ Class 47 was last produced but the  time has come for a new generation to take over. Our most complex and sophisticated ‘OO’ model to date, it also marks the start of a new era for HELJAN UK models – they are the first to be offered with factory-fitted DCC sound across all liveries.

TEN liveries are available to order now, plus an exclusive Network SouthEast edition for the Gaugemaster Collection (see photo above) all with DCC Ready or DCC Sound options featuring class-leading sound by renowned expert Legomanbiffo. See below for the complete – and very extensive – specification that puts these models in a different league to our old Class 47. With a specification like this, these new ‘47s’ are worth shouting about!

All models have been produced in limited quantities and will not be repeated as we plan to produce regular batches of new ‘47s’ to exploit the full potential of the tooling suite over the coming years. Contact us now to secure your all-new Class 47s before they’re gone!

HELJAN OO Class 47 Specification


  • Powerful 5-pole, twin shaft motor with two brass flywheels providing drive to both bogies

  • Four axle drive with ‘floating’ middle axle for smooth riding qualities

  • Diecast metal chassis block

  • Precision gearboxes with gearing arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capability

  • OO gauge finescale wheels with painted wheel faces

  • Detachable coupling pockets to NEM362 standards at both ends

  • Designed to operate on curves of second radius (438mm) or greater


  • Highly detailed bogies with superb relief detail and separate components

  • Exquisitely detailed underframe area with original water/fuel tanks, battery boxes or extended range fuel tanks and battery boxes

  • 9 different cab end designs based on common variations, with the potential to mix-and-match cab versions to produce specific locomotives

  • Authentic ride height

  • Original or ‘cutaway’ bufferbeam assemblies

  • Body-mounted or bufferbeam-mounted ETH equipment

  • Single arm or pantograph windscreen wipers

  • Original fixed or Serck radiator shutter options for No1 end roof panels

  • 7 options for No2 end boiler roof panel including all major Spanner/Stones/Clayton versions in original open design or plated over.

  • Glazed headcodes and two versions of plated headcode panel

  • Original cab or later ‘life extended’ style with cutaway bufferbeam cowling

  • Options for ScotRail and Rail express systems Class 47/7s

  • Highly detailed and decorated cab interiors with authentic angled frames visible in cabside windows

  • Authentic pipework detail visible in engine room windows

  • Separately applied metal detail parts, including handrails and etched fan grilles

  • Finely detailed three-piece miniature snowploughs which attach to the underside of the chassis for a more realistic appearance

  • Sprung finescale buffers

  • Beautifully decorated bufferbeam pipework/cables

  • More than 150 separate parts per model


  • Directional headcode panel and tail lights

  • Separately switchable Cab interior lights (DCC mode)

  • Separately switchable Engine Room lights

  • Separately switchable tail lights (DCC mode)

  • Separately switchable HI Headlights (DCC mode)

  • Light engine mode

  • Parking mode with tail lights at both ends

  • Train mode with tail and/or marker lights off

  • Push-pull mode for ScotRail Class 47/7s

  • Authentic light colours for each model based on era and application

  • Authentic Class 47 lighting arrangements in DCC mode, supplied by DCC sound specialist Legomanbiffo, featuring different lighting functions for locomotives with/without HI headlights and unique light functions for using ScotRail Class 47/7s in push-pull mode with Mk2 DBSO coaches.

  • Cab light extinguishes automatically when locomotive starts moving (DCC Sound locos)

*Sample shown above not final deco for ETH connections.


  • MTC 21-pin DCC decoder interface (DCC Ready)

  • Factory fitted ESU LokSound V5 decoder (DCC Sound models)

  • Authentic Class 47 sound projects in DCC mode, supplied by DCC sound specialist Legomanbiffo, featuring different sounds for Class 47/0s or 47/3s and ETH-fitted Class 47s.

  • Up to 30 sound/light and control functions on models with factory fitted DCC/Sound

  • Playable braking function when locomotive is in motion (F5)

  • ‘Heavy Load’ function for extra ‘thrash’


  • ESU Loksound V5 DCC Sound Decoder as standard

  • Two high-quality speakers encased in bespoke sound enclosure for optimum sound reproduction

  • TWO super-realistic Class 47 sound projects supplied by DCC sound expert Legomanbiffo, featuring different sound recordings for Class 47/0 and ETH-fitted Class 47/4s

  • 19 authentic sound functions including Spirax air dump valve, compressor, cooling fans, wipers, sanders, AWS bell and buzzer

  • Playable two-tone horn function (F2/F3)

  • Driver-Guard communication beep for ScotRail Class 47/7

  • Speed dependent flange squeal

  • Speed dependent detonator explosion

  • Mk1/2/3 door slam options

  • Mk3 air suspension sound (for ScotRail Class 47/7)


  • Minutely researched and applied liveries on all models, based on archive photos and comments provided by acknowledged Class 47 experts

  • Multiple paint applications employed on each model using colours based on original paint specifications

  • Logos, numerals and text added as appropriate using multi-stage tampo printing using authentic typefaces, logos and colours

  • Painted wheel faces to eliminate toy-like shiny effect of chemically blackened wheels

  • Colours based on official BR and train operator paint references and painting instructions.


Class 47 - 4710

BR two-tone green D1526 SYP


Class 47 - 47103

BR two-tone green D1526 SYP - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4711

BR two-tone green D1969 FYE


Class 47 - 47113

BR two-tone green D1969 FYE - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4712

BR blue 47137 (glazed headcode panel)


Class 47 - 47123

BR blue 47137 (glazed headcode panel) - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4720

BR blue 47316 (plated headcode panel)


Class 47 - 47203

BR blue 47316 (plated headcode panel) - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4721

BR Large Logo Blue 47450


Class 47 - 47213

BR Large Logo Blue 47450 - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4722

Railfreight grey 47214 Tinsley Traction Depot


Class 47 - 47223

Railfreight grey 47214 Tinsley Traction Depot - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4723

Railfreight Petroleum 47125 Tonnidae


Class 47 - 47233

Railfreight Petroleum 47125 Tonnidae - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4724

InterCity Executive 47555 The Commonwealth Spirit


Class 47 - 47243

InterCity Executive 47555 The Commonwealth Spirit - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4725

Departmental General Grey 47329


Class 47 - 47253

Departmental General Grey 47329 - DCC SOUND (ESU)


Class 47 - 4726

Parcels red/grey 47575 City of Hereford


Class 47 - 47263

Parcels red/grey 47575 City of Hereford - DCC SOUND (ESU)


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