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Class 33/1 Artwork Approved

Our ever-popular OO gauge Class 33/1 is set to return later this year in response to strong demand from customers and retailers.

Over the last couple of years we've focused on the standard Class 33/0 versions, but now it's time for the push-pull variant to come back into the limelight. No fewer than eight versions are being prepared for general release covering all the most popular liveries, reruns of long sold-out editions and a previously unreleased livery from the early years of privatisation.

Livery artwork is now approved and preparation of factory decorated samples will commence shortly. We'll bring you further updates on these models as they gear up for production.

All models will be produced in limited quantities and are available to pre-order now from your local HELJAN stockist.

The eight new models are as follows...

#3346 BR Green Class 33/1 D6580 (small yellow panels) ERA 5 (see top of page)

#3365 BR Civil Engineers Grey/Yellow 33118 ERA 8

#3366 BR Blue 33117 (DCE stripes) WEATHERED ERA 8

#3367 BR Blue Class 33/1 6525 ERA 6

#3368 BR Blue 33101 (white cab window frames) ERA 7/8

#3369 Network SouthEast 33114 Ashford 150 (with headlights) ERA 8

#3370 Cambrian Trains Green 33103 (small yellow panels) ERA 9

#3371 BR General Grey 33108 ERA 8

Finally, as if you needed any more encouragement, here's a video of Class 33/1s doing what they do best with 4-TC sets on the Class 33/1 push-pull farewell railtour in 1988. Little did we know that some of them would still be going strong 30 years later!


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Ian’s Models and stuff
Ian’s Models and stuff
30 de jan. de 2022

What’s with the snow ploughs on 33/1’s? Only one has carried them post privatisation

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