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Class 86/4s Due This Week!

2022 is off to an electrifying start with the news that the superb new OO gauge Class 86/4s and 86/6s have just arrived at our Danish warehouse. All versions are being shipped to HELJAN UK retailers now and should start to arrive this week (w/c January 17th). Featuring a colourful range of BR and post-privatisation liveries (see below for the full list) these models are fitted with either Faiveley (*) or our all-new Brecknell Willis high-speed pantograph (+) and a range of other period-specific details such as round or rectangular buffers and roof-mounted fire bottles. As a further improvement from previous editions, the models also have separately switchable tail lights in DCC mode. The highly regarded, smooth running chassis also now has a 21-pin DCC interface. Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for standard versions is £219.95. With such a range of popular and attractive liveries we expect this first batch of mixed traffic '86s' to sell through quickly. Contact your local HELJAN stockist to secure yours today!

HELJAN Class 86/4 and 86/6 models #8640 IC Executive 86404+ #8641 Railfreight Distribution grey 86634 University of London* #8642 Res red/grey 86416* #8643 BR retro blue 86426/E3195* #8644 RfD European 86622* #8645 Caledonian Sleeper 86401 Mons Meg+ #8646 Freightliner green/yellow 86609*

Two additional models are available via Gaugemaster and its stockists nationwide as part of the Gaugemaster Collection GM4240301 Freightliner Powerhaul 86637* GM4240302 Freightliner Powerhaul 86622*


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