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FIRST LOOK! O Gauge Class 73 CAD

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Great news for electro-diesel fans - the CAD for our superb new O gauge Class 73/1 is almost complete. Final additions and tweaks are now being made prior to the design being approved (note the bodyside grille at the wrong height - this is being corrected now!).

As you can see from the images, it's shaping up to be a stunning model with a huge amount of fine detail. It's also set to be our most sophisticated O gauge model to date, thanks to innovative features such as retractable collector shoes, diecast handrails, interchangeable headcode panels, a lighting function to replicate third-rail 'flash' (DCC switchable), powered roof fan, plug-and-play DCC capability and provision for a smoke unit.

Other standard features will include switchable cab and engine room lights, authentic detail variations between early and later period locomotives, including high-intensity headlights fitted from the late-1980s onwards, radio aerials, optional arc shields, drophead buckeye couplers, sprung buffers, two different designs of sandbox filler cover and outstanding underframe, cab interior and body detail.

And the good news doesn't end there; in response to customer feedback we've added unnumbered/unnamed versions of the most popular liveries to the production plan. We know that not everyone will want the same locomotives, and O gauge modellers in particular are often keen to put their own stamp on their loco fleet. The revised product list for our new Class 73/1 is now as follows:

7300: BR early blue E6008 with small yellow panels and grey band WEATHERED

7301: BR Rail blue E6020 with light grey roof and small yellow panels no grey band

7302: BR Rail blue (full yellow end) 73137

7303: BR large logo blue 73114

7304: InterCity Executive 73102 Airtour Suisse

7305: BR ‘Dutch’ grey/yellow 73108

7306: Network SouthEast 73126 Kent & East Sussex Railway

7308: EWS red/gold 73128

7309: Network Rail yellow UNNUMBERED

7310: GB Railfreight blue/orange 73107 Tracy

7311: BR Rail blue UNNUMBERED with light grey roof & small yellow panels, no grey band

7312: BR Rail blue (full yellow end) UNNUMBERED *TOWER MODELS EXCLUSIVE*

7313: BR large logo blue UNNUMBERED

7314: InterCity Executive UNNUMBERED

7315: BR ‘Dutch’ grey/yellow UNNUMBERED

7320: GB Railfreight blue/orange UNNUMBERED

The unnumbered and unnamed models will be produced in limited quantities, so we advise customers to pre-order to avoid disappointment.

We'll share further information on this exciting new release as the project develops throughout 2021. First releases are expected in mid-2022 although, as always, this is a provisional schedule and subject to change.

Below: Radiator end roof with powered fan and grille detail

Below: Cab interior detail (provisional)

Below: Underside view showing microswitches for light functions and bogie/underframe detail.

Below: Bogie with retractable collector shoes

Below: Grille and fuel tank detail.

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