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HELJAN November News Update

We hope this newsletter finds you well and gearing up for a productive modelling season. It’s been an intense period of activity in our Danish and UK offices with lots of new products arriving and many more in the pipeline for 2022/23.

AVAILABLE NOW! Class 47 O Gauge

After a longer than expected development process our superb new O gauge Class 47s are now available for immediate shipment. Many of you will already have received your orders and the reaction from customers so far has been extremely positive. Look out for reviews in the model railway press soon.

We currently have stock of all versions - additional quantities of the most popular liveries were ordered to ensure no-one misses out – but they are selling fast. In case you were wondering why Railfreight sector grey Class 47 #4863 has not yet been delivered, it was held back for the roof colour to be corrected and will arrive slightly later than the main batch.

With an SRP of £699.00, these superb new models offer excellent value for money and are likely to sell through quickly. Two main versions represent 1960s/70s locomotives with glazed headcode panels and steam heating boilers or later machines from the 1980s onwards with plated headcode panels, no steam heating boiler tanks and (where appropriate) electric train heating (ETH) parts.

With superb body, underframe and bogie detail, a heavy duty chassis with twin motors/flywheels, LED lighting and powered roof fans they represent a major leap forward from our original Class 47 released in the 2000s.

O Gauge Class 47s

1960s/70s locos with glazed headcodes/steam heat

#4850 BR green 47/0 (small yellow panels)

#4851 BR green 47/0 (full yellow ends)

#4852 BR blue 47/0 (full yellow ends) - see below

#4853 BR green D1670 Mammoth (small yellow panels) - KERNOW MRC EXCLUSIVE

1980s/90s locos with HI headlight

#4860 BR blue Class 47/4*

#4861 BR Large Logo blue Class 47/4* - see below

#4862 Railfreight 'Red Stripe' Class 47

#4863 Railfreight Sector grey (unbranded) Class 47

#4864 BR 'Dutch' grey/yellow Class 47

#4865 BR Parcels red/grey Class 47/4*

#4866 InterCity Executive Class 47/4*

#4867 Network SouthEast Class 47/4*

*Model with ETH equipment

AVAILABLE NOW! Class 60 O Gauge

Our impressive O gauge Class 60s are now available once again in a wide range of attractive liveries. Covering the entire career of these heavy haul diesels, from original Railfreight grey to contemporary GBRf, DB Cargo and DCRail liveries, the new batch has a much wider appeal than before and advance sales are very strong.

SRP is £649.00 for standard models. Specification remains as before with a powerful twin motor/flywheel drive, LED lighting, fine detail and imposing good looks. Models listed as 'Gaugemaster Collection' below are widely available through the Gaugemaster retailer network, while the Tower Models and Kernow Model Rail Centre models are exclusive to those retailers.


#6000 Trainload Freight grey

#6003 GWR lined green 60081 Isambard Kingdom Brunel GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6004 DB traffic red/grey unbranded (see above)

#6005 Colas Railfreight 60087 (original logo) TOWER MODELS EXCLUSIVE

#6006 GB Railfreight blue/orange 60021 Penyghent

#6007 Loadhaul 60059 Swinden Dalesman WEATHERED

#6008 EWS/British Steel blue 60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6009 DCRail grey 60046 William Wilberforce GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6010 DCRail CAPPAGH blue 60028

#6011 Colas Railfreight 60096 (later logo) TOWER MODELS EXCLUSIVE

#6012 EWS/British Steel blue 60033 Tees Steel Express GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6013 Railfreight Coal Sector grey unnumbered TOWER MODELS EXCLUSIVE

#6014 DB Schenker ARMY red 60040 The Territorial Army Centenary KERNOW MODEL RAIL CENTRE EXCLUSIVE

AVAILABLE NOW! Cargowaggon IGA bogie flat OO gauge

In response to customer demand, our popular OO gauge Cargowaggon IGA bogie flat is available once again in a range of new guises. Eight versions are available to ship now, with an SRP of £59.95 (£64.95 weathered editions/£74.95 for weathered editions with pipe/timber loads) for single wagons and £119.95 for RailAdventure twin pack #5115, which depicts a pair of wagons converted for use as barrier wagons for deliveries of new trains from mainland Europe to the UK.

Wagons are available in pristine or weathered condition and with pipe or sawn timber loads in Cargowaggon or Corus Rail blue and RailAdventure grey.

IGA Cargowaggon flats - NEW RELEASES

#5105 Corus Rail blue

#5109 CARGOWAGGON blue (new number)

#5110 CARGOWAGGON blue (alternative number)

#5111 CARGOWAGGON blue (weathered)

#5112 CARGOWAGGON blue with Pipe Load

#5113 CARGOWAGGON blue with Pipe Load (weathered)

#5114 CARGOWAGGON blue with sawn timber load (weathered)

#5115 RailAdventure grey IGB barrier wagons TWIN PACK (concrete panel loads)


Is it that time again already? As 2021 draws to a close, preparations for our 2022 releases are well in hand – some have already been revealed but more exciting new OO and O gauge models will be revealed shortly. We’ll share all the most important information with you in a special newsletter to coincide with the publication of the 2022 catalogue in early-December.

On the Horizon: Deliveries for late ‘21/early ‘22

Unfortunately international shipping remains unpredictable and with much higher costs than we are used to, resulting in extended delivery timescales and price increases on some new items. However, we’re pleased to report that a number of exciting new models are en route to us now or in production.

· Class 56 O gauge – Due December ‘21

· Class 50 O gauge (Batch 3) – Due January ‘22

· Class 37/4 O gauge (Batch 3) – Due March ‘22

· Class 07 OO gauge (Batch 3) – Due January ‘22

· Class 86/4 OO gauge – Due January ‘22 (see above)

· Class 25 OO gauge (Batch 2) – Due February ‘22

Looking further ahead, the following products are due for release in 2022.

· Gresley O2 2-8-0 (new versions) OO gauge – June 2022

· W&M Diesel Railbus (Batch 2) OO gauge – July 2022

· BR Mk2 Coaches O gauge – Q3 2022

· Class 45 OO Gauge – Q2 2022

· Class 47 OO Gauge – Mid-2022

· Class 117/121/122 DMUs O Gauge – Mid-2022

Many other projects are progressing well, although disruption caused by power shortages and a three-day week continues to affect production of new models. We will provide updates on new model projects on a regular basis during late-2021 and into the New Year.

Finally, we have started to confirm show dates for 2022 and look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible at the following events…

· Britain’s Biggest Model Railway, Wakefield. December 4th-19th 2021

· Model Rail Scotland, Glasgow. February 2022

· Modern Image O Gauge Show, Crewe. March 2022

· Plus more to be confirmed soon.

Kindest Regards

Your Team HELJAN

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Sapphire Junction
Sapphire Junction
Nov 11, 2021

Just to let you know the buffers are incorrect for 86401 and all the Freightliner variants as they are oval and not round, hopefully Heljan will have this corrected.

Sapphire Junction
Sapphire Junction
Nov 12, 2021
Replying to

Hi Ben,

Many thanks for your reply.

No problem, that is good news and apologies just assumed all Heljan Freightliner variants had oval buffers thus thanks for the correction on 86609, sorry missed that one.

Looking forward to them!

Cheers Steve

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