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'Tango' Artwork Approved

It's been a while since our last update on the new batch of OO gauge LNER 'O2' 2-8-0s, but we're pleased to report that factory-decorated samples are now in preparation.

Unfortunately, the development of these models was disrupted by the pandemic and then by the total closure of the factory where they were being prepared. Tooling was moved to a new factory earlier this year and we are confident that this will result in an even better end product.

Deco samples will be based on the approved artwork shown here, which covers the entire career of these Gresley-designed heavy goods machines. No fewer than 13 versions are expected to be released later this year featuring Great Northern Railway, LNER and BR liveries. Most will have the new GNR cabs (original and low height versions) and GNR tender, but these are just a couple of the numerous detail variations that have been designed into this complex tooling. Other new and existing detail differences include:

- Low running plate

- 2x different chimneys

- Original Diagram 2 or LNER Diagram 100A boiler

- 2x smokebox door designs

- GNR or LNER flush sided/flared side tenders

- Right hand or Left Hand drive

With so many versions and detail differences, we know it can be difficult to figure out how each model will look and which one suits your layout best, so below is a handy guide to each model and how they will look.

Stay tuned for further updates on these superb models soon!

GNR Cab (reduced height) 'O2/2'

3900: LNER lined black O2/2 No. 3501 (GN cab/tender)

3901: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63937 (GN cab/LNER flush tender) WEATHERED

3902: BR early emblem black O2/2 No. 63933 (GN cab/tender)

3903: BR late crest black O2/2 No. 63940 (GN cab/tender)

3904 BRITISH RAILWAYS black O2/2 No. 63938 (GN cab/tender)

GNR High Cab/LNER cab 'O2/1'

3930: GNR lined grey O2/1 No. 477 (GN high cab/tender)

3931: LNER black O2/1 No. 3481 (GN high cab/tender)

3932: LNER post-war black O2/1 No. 3481 (LNER cab/GN tender)

3934: BR late crest black O2/1 No. 63923 (LNER cab/LNER stepped side tender)

LNER cab 'O2/4'

3940: LNER wartime black O2/4 No. 3479 (LNER cab/GN tender)

3941: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63924 (LNER cab/GN tender) WEATHERED

3942: BR early emblem black O2/4 No. 63945 (LNER cab/GN tender)

3943: BR late crest black O2/4 No. 63932 (LNER cab/GN tender)


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