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HELJAN TT:120 - Update


There’s been a lot of focus on TT 1:120 scale this week, and we’ve obviously been paying close attention to developments. We were gratified to see that our initial trio of locomotive choices for TT was so ‘on the money’ that all three also appeared in the Hornby range. C’est la vie.

Such duplication in a new and, so far, unknown market produces no winners, only losers. We were genuinely excited about the possibilities of this new scale but, in the circumstances, and with a heavy heart, we are ceasing development of our TT 1:120 model range. Instead we’ll focus all our energies on developing more exciting new OO and O gauge products (more on those soon!) and on supporting the crucial network of UK model railway retailers, who continue to be the backbone of the hobby and an essential resource for the modelling community.

We wish Hornby every success with their new venture and look forward to seeing how it develops.



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Sad to see you pulling out of producing locos and stock for TT120. Just a couple of points; I feel that Hornby are creating the same dead end that Triang found themselves in with their 3mm range back in the 1960's. Although extensive, other manufacturers did not support the scale, apart from Wren (trackwork), Bec (body kits and one or two locokits) and a few others. Needless to say it withered and died. With this latest release of scale 2.5mm, Hornby have limited its availability - even their dealers are not involved! The Hornby range are very well produced but they do not have a monopoly on TT120. Peco are producing a beautiful range of trackwork for the gauge…



I agree with you, that at this early stage of a new product duplication would not be worth while however you could still dip your toes into TT120 scale ie a beyer garrett, western and a 58. Hope to see you soon within this scale



This is so disappointing, especially with your record of producing unusual models e.g. the new ES1. That would have been a must have in TT120 for me :(

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