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Latest Class 40 images!

Not long to wait now for our new centre headcode Class 40s in O gauge! The final pre-production samples arrived at our Danish office today for review and will be thoroughly checked prior to approving the models for full production.

Five versions are in preparation, covering the 20+ year BR career of these heavyweight English Electric Type 4s.

#4060 BR green unnumbered

#4061 BR green unnumbered with small yellow panels

#4062 BR green unnumbered with full yellow ends

#4063 BR blue unnumbered (pre-1976)

#4064 BR blue 40155 (with domino headcodes)

Standard features across all models include...

  • DCC Friendly chassis

  • LED headcode/tail lights

  • Heavy duty chassis

  • Twin motors

  • Twin flywheels

  • Fine detailing

SRP for these classic transition era diesel locomotives is £549.00 each and we expect them to reach our UK stockists in May/June 2021.

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