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Old Friends Return

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

In response to customer demand, new production runs of four popular OO gauge models are currently in preparation for 2022 release – the Waggon & Maschinenbau diesel railbus, Class 07, Class 14 and Class 17.

Preparations are well underway for our 2022/23 range, but before we announce any all-new items we thought you might like to know about a few old friends that will be returning to the OO gauge range next year.

In response to demand from customers and retailers, we're reintroducing the Waggon & Maschinenbau (W&M) diesel railbus and Class 14 0-6-0DH, along with new versions of the Class 07 0-6-0DE shunter and Class 17 'Clayton' Type 1 diesel. As well as all the most popular liveries on each class, we've included a few new versions and some surprises that will raise an eyebrow or two!

Details of the new batches are as follows...

Waggon & Maschinenbau Diesel Railbus - 2022 Batch

Last produced in 2012, these German-built vehicles were the first and most popular of our family of lightweight BR diesel railbuses. Almost a decade after their last appearance, they are long overdue a fresh look and will feature small improvements to bring them up to current standards. LEDs will replace the previous grain-of-wheat bulbs, but the 21-pin DCC decoder interface has been retained. Improved decoration will also set these models apart from their predecessors. Seven versions are in preparation with a Suggested Retail Price of £179 each (£189 weathered editions).

W&M Railbus Models

#8707 BR green E79963 (speed whiskers)

#8708 BR green E79961 (small yellow panel)

#8709 BR green E79964 (speed whiskers) WEATHERED

#8711 BR green E79960 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED

#8712 Railway Technical Centre red/blue 'Laboratory 20'

#8713 Keighley & Worth Valley Rly red No.64

#8714 BR Research 'Track Recording Lab' yellow/brown DB999507


Class 07 - 2022 Batch

This hugely popular little Ruston & Hornsby 0-6-0DE has been the subject of two previous production runs since 2018, but demand continues to be strong for BR, industrial and preserved versions. This new batch includes representatives of all three sectors, plus a British Army green locomotive inspired by the similar Ruston-built locomotives used on internal railways such as the Bicester Military Railway. Please note V1 models are vacuum braked 'as built' locomotives. V2 models feature high-level air pipes and compressor compartments. Seven versions are in preparation with a Suggested Retail Price of £179 each (£189 weathered editions).

Class 07 Models

#2912 V2 Peakstone yellow (07001) RERUN

#2917 V2 BR blue 2987

#2918 V2 BR blue 07011 WEATHERED

#2919 V2 BR blue 07013 (white cab roof)

#2935 V1 BR green D2994 WEATHERED

#2936 V1 BR blue 07012

#2937 V1 BR green D2998

#2938 V1 ARMY olive green 423


Class 14 - 2022 Batch

Another model that has been out of production for a few years is the ever-popular Class 14 0-6-0DH (produced courtesy of Hatton's Model Railways). Again, demand continues to be strong for BR, industrial and preserved liveries on these cult locomotives, which are probably now more popular than at any previous time in their varied career. Seven versions are in preparation, including a superb Western Region ballast train pack with four 'Dogfish' hoppers. Individual locomotives will have a Suggested Retail Price of £179 each (£189 weathered editions), with an SRP of £329 for the train pack.

Class 14 Models

#1412 BR 2T green D9505

#1413 BR 2T green D9545 WEATHERED

#1414 Buckminster Quarries green 21

#1415 BR maroon D9523 (as preserved)

#1416 NCB South Wales pale blue (D9530)

#1417 BP light green 144-8 (D9524)

#1420 TRAIN PACK BR 2T green D9553 + 4x BR black 'Dogfish' hoppers


Class 17 - 2022 Batch

The popularity of 'Clayton' Type 1s in model form continues to defy the reality of the ill-fated prototype locomotives. After the last batch sold through quickly in 2019, customers have been demanding more of these attractive centre-cab diesels in OO. Six new versions are in preparation covering all the major BR livery variants, plus a bang up-to-date new model of sole survivor D8568 in its current BR blue livery with small yellow warning panels. Finally, there's a 'what if' livery that will no doubt create some strong opinions! Six versions are in preparation with a Suggested Retail Price of £179 each (£189 weathered editions).

Class 17s

#1724 BR blue D8568 (small yellow panels)

#1725 BR 2T green D8607 (small yellow panels)

#1726 BR 2T green D8599 (small yellow panels) WEATHERED

#1727 BR 2T green D8539 (full yellow ends)

#1728 Railfreight 'Red Stripe' 17007

#1729 BR blue 8538 (full yellow ends) WEATHERED


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