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OO GWR Railcars - Now in Production

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

With our O gauge GWR Railcars now in shops and receiving a very warm welcome from customers and reviewers, attention has turned to delivering the OO gauge version. These superb new models have all the same features as their big sisters (see below) and are in exactly the same selection of carefully researched and beautifully applied GWR and BR liveries.

Six liveries are available to order now from your local HELJAN stockist

#19400 GWR chocolate/cream No.22

#19401 GWR post-war chocolate/cream with grey roof No. 29

#19402 BR crimson/cream W20W (dark grey roof)

#19403 BR crimson/cream W212W (white cab roofs)

#19404 BR green with speed whiskers W32W (white cab roofs)

#19405 BR green with speed whiskers W26W (dark grey roof)

Standard features include an exceptional range of fully-controllable lighting functions. All models have two headcode lamp settings, cab lights, saloon interior lights and tail lamps, all of which can be switched individually in both DC mode and with a DCC decoder (ESU Lokpilot/Loksound V5 recommended). Conversion to DCC has been made as simple as possible, with no need to remove the body - simply unscrew the cover under the body, fit your chosen decoder and replace the cover. Space for a speaker is also provided in the luggage van area.

Detail variations include original GWR or later BR type windscreen wipers and original or modified bogie drive shaft details.

Other features include sprung buffers, NEM couplers, all-wheel pick-up and drive, a smooth-running low-profile motor with flywheels, separate etched brass handrails, flush glazing and a highly detailed interior with passenger seats and cab controls/seats.

All six models are expected to arrive in a few weeks and will have a suggested retail price of £189.00 each. Pre-orders are already very strong for all versions, so contact your HELJAN stockist now to reserve yours!

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