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'Tugs' in Production!

We're pleased to report that our new batch of O gauge Class 60s 'Tugs' is now in production - and looking very impressive. Following improvements to the decoration on certain items, all are now approved and assembly is underway.

These imposing Brush-built heavy haulers are being produced in a wide range of colourful liveries, ranging from original Railfreight grey through to contemporary DCRail, GBRf and Cappagh colour schemes. Whatever your preference, there will be something to suit your needs as we've seen unprecedented demand from retailers for additional exclusive versions. Our friends at Gaugemaster, Tower Models and KMS Railtech have added seven additional versions in total, with a further exclusive livery due to be revealed soon by a well-known retailer.


#6000 Trainload Freight grey

#6003 GWR lined green 60081 Isambard Kingdom Brunel GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6004 DB traffic red/grey unbranded (see above)

#6005 Colas Railfreight 60087 (original logo) KMS RAILTECH EXCLUSIVE

#6006 GB Railfreight blue/orange 60021 Penyghent

#6007 Loadhaul 60059 Swinden Dalesman WEATHERED

#6008 EWS/British Steel blue 60006 Scunthorpe Ironmaster KMS RAILTECH EXCLUSIVE

#6009 DCRail grey 60046 William Wilberforce GAUGEMASTER COLLECTION

#6010 DCRail CAPPAGH blue 60028

#6011 Colas Railfreight 60096 (later logo) KMS RAILTECH EXCLUSIVE

#6012 EWS/British Steel blue 60033 Tees Steel Express KMS RAILTECH EXCLUSIVE

#6013 Railfreight Coal Sector grey unnumbered TOWER MODELS EXCLUSIVE

#6014 ---TO BE ANNOUNCED----

Priced at £649.00 each, all versions have been produced in very limited numbers and advance orders are reported to be strong on most versions - with Gaugemaster's GWR green 60081 in especially high demand. Standard features include fine exterior and interior detail, LED lighting, DCC friendly chassis with screw terminal PCB, twin motors/flywheels driving four axles and plenty of internal space for a large speaker. And just in case you need a reminder of the earth-shaking qualities of a Class 60 hauling a heavy freight train, here's a video to enjoy!

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